Moonshadow is Starshine's sister, and her advisor.


Moonshadow is half human, half unicorn and has her mother's skin color. Like her sister Starshine, she is usually in her human form. Moonshadow has straight brown hair, and gray eyes. Her magic is a pale gold.


Moonshadow does not have as many powers as her sister, but Moonshadow's powers include...

Reading emotions

Breathing underwater

Feels when somebody close to her has died or been badly hurt


Starshine: Her loyal and proud sister, who is the half human half unicorn leader of Unicornia. Starshine looks more like their father, while Moonshadow looks more like her mother.

Skyfall: Moonshadow and Starshine's father. He is a full unicorn. He has a blue cat, pale yellow hair, and teal eyes.

Lia: Moonshadow and Starshine's mother. Lia is a full human with beige skin, dark brown hair, and gray eyes


Moonshadow is sharp and direct, but sympathetic when needed to be. She has a short temper and is headstrong, but thinks befoe she rushes into danger.


Moonshadow is talented with many weapons, but she uses a bow and arrow, which she is most talented with.

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