Starshine is the leader of the Unicornians, and has been for several years.


Being half human, half unicorn, Starshine has a different appearance than most unicorns. Instead of different colored skin, she has a beige skin color and she usually is in her human form. Most unicorns, however, still have their human forms, but they choose not to use them. Being half human, and half unicorn, she always has her horn out no matter what. Starshine has teal eyes, and pale yellow hair. Unlike most unicorns, her magic is gold, not blue.


Starshine has many different powers. Her special powers include...

Prophetic- Able to see into the future, but she is unfortunantly not able to change the future.

Flight- Able to fly without and wings

Seasons- Able to change the seasons, but leaves her weak for a while afte she performs this power.


Moonshadow: Starshine's half human, half unicorn sister. Moonshadow has the same skin color as Starshine, but Moonshadow has brown hair, and gray eyes

Skyfall: Starshine and Moonshadow's father. Skyfall is a full unicorn with a blue coat, pale yellow hair, and teal eyes.

Lia: Starshine and Moonshadow's mother. Lia is a full human with beige skin, dark brown hair, and gray eyes


Starshine is brave, sarcastic, and loyal. She leads Unicornia with her heart, but also with her head. She can be sensitive at times, but is strong at other times.


Starshine usually uses her magic to fight, but when she is weak or tired, she will use a hatchet.

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