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Born in the land of Unicornia, the Unicornians are the protectors of Unicornia, and of their allies. Their leader is Starshine, who has defended Unicornia for many years. Would you like to join us? To be another face, defending Unicornia?

Don't be afraid to be a sexy unicorn, my children :3

We are the Uniconians,

proud protectors of our land.

We will love our freedom,

our pride,

but most of all...

We will love our land.

~The Unicornian Motto~

How were the Unicornians made?

Well, to be honest, this is a remake. I had started this as a noob on Bitstrips, but it quickly died out two months later.

Why did you decide to remake it?

I honestly have no idea

Why are there so many half unicorns?

Because they are still unicorns lol idk

Latest activityEdit

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